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All dream houses begin with just that…a vision in the mind of the person needing to experience home surroundings that will enhance their life experience by bringing these mental visions to reality. Through sharing these visions with homeowners, Randy Trainor has the ability to reflect these images through her design talents in a way that allows her to combine them to become a well-tuned reality. She does this through listening carefully to the client’s expectations, concerning what will work well, her knowledge of the marketplace, what works harmoniously together, and the people who are artistic and creative enough to make these visions become realities.

As an architect, I have been fortunate enough to bring her to the design team to consolidate the exterior of the home with the interior elements in a homogenous manner quite often and I look forward to future opportunities to continue this experience.

- Tom Samyn | Samyn-D’elia Architects, NH

Partnering with Randy allows the team – Designer, General Contractor, and Clients – the opportunity to define and solution all design aspects of a project. Most recently, we worked on a project for clients that were over 1,500 miles away during the course of the project. Randy’s vision and attention to design detail was a needed resource for the clients to be able to successfully execute their project. Her keen aesthetic sense enhanced her clients’ preferences as a 80’s condo kitchen and master bathroom were transformed. The kitchen became an elegant, kosher kitchen with expanded space to allow for statement pieces, such as a conical sink, and entertaining. The master bath morphed from an awkward, angular space into a calm, spa-like bath, adorned with artisan lighting and tile mosaics.

Randy was a pleasure to work with and we are looking forward to working with Randy on future projects.

- Shad and Janel Lawton | The Lawton Company, Littleton NH

It was a pleasure working with you on your recent residential project in Lincoln, NH. Your design vision and creativity made our work on the project both fun and rewarding. Everyone at Hammerton looked forward to seeing the latest item you and our team created together. Your collaborative style, your clear communication and your ability to make decisions quickly and confidently were all greatly appreciated by everyone on the design team. We work with many designers,and you are one of our favorites.

We are also grateful to you for getting the project photographed and published in New Hampshire Home. It truly does take a team.

- Bill Shott, President | Hammerton, UT

Thank you so much for your hard work on the Roberge Residence at Loon’s South Peak Mountain. And thank you for keeping with and contributing to the design program that was a collaborative effort between you, the owner, Samyn-D’Elia Architects and ourselves.

To achieve opulence within the natural parameters of an Appalachian Style post and beam is one of the more challenging goals in the construction of a true “mountain home”. Restraint is key, and the ability to choose finish materials and furnishings that complement the structure is a commendable achievement.

Job well done! We look forward to working with you in the future, and will recommend you to those clients that wish the help of an interior design professional.

- DONALD A LAWTON, President | The Lawton Company, Littleton, NH

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Randy Trainor, both as a customer in my store, Abode Home Furnishings, and as a client of sorts when she agreed to be the decorator for a home make over contest we sponsored to gain publicity for my store. Her work reflects a genuine concern for the needs and lifestyle of her clients. Randy’s designs are done with style, good taste, and an eye on your budget. Having observed her working with other designers on a common project, I can attest to the fact that she is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. For further comment, I can be reached at my store address below.

- CARL ROHAEEK, Abode Home Furnishings | Lafayette Plaza Shopping Center, Portsmouth, NH

Just a quick note of thanks for all of your time and effort spent decorating the interiors of my two model homes and spectacular new clubhouse at Hampton Meadows.

Many customers have a difficult time visualizing rooms and spaces, and your decorating skills help our sales effort tremendously. Your fine work and attention to detail help our development project a quality image that gives us an edge over our competitors. Every job you have done for me has always been on time and, most importantly, on budget.

We are glad that you are part of our team of professionals, and plan to have you consult on our upcoming Wentworth by the Sea project.

- TOM NIGRELLI | Drakes Appleton Corp., Hampton, NH

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how nice it is to work with such a professional as yourself. As you know, I work with many designers, but working with you has been a real pleasure. I so often see designers just agreeing with customers, when they should truly be guiding them- not following. I look forward to working with you on future projects.

- DIGGER DEGUIO | Lifestyles Kitchens & Baths

Randy was an enormous help to us when we renovated our kitchen in our second home in NH. She has a great sense of space, color and texture and worked well with our contractor when we were trying to manage this project from afar. We are thrilled with the outcome! We could not have done this without her.

- VICTORIA MACMILLAN | Charlottesville, VA

John and I have officially lived in our house for 1 week and have to admit that our new and 100”% improved living room exceed even our dreams! Thank you so much for your expert vision, the two of us are as happy as clams.


There were many best parts in working with Randy – encouraging, gracious, thoughtful, non judgmental and reassuring. Good questioning technique to help clarify my thoughts and indecisions. Great ability to move me from my preconceived ideas to a finished product that I thoroughly love!

- P.G. | Kittery Point, Maine

Ernie and I want to thank you for helping us select our new chair, which we love! It is a beautiful addition to the room, it softens the look and we are delighted with the outcome. Your definite expertise is very visible and we appreciate all of your tips on how we can help our family room be more “user-friendly”. Thank you for your consultations. We certainly will recommend you to friends and family. The evidence is clear – you have a good eye!

- SUSAN B. | Brookfield, NH

I wanted to let you know that the transformation of the three completed rooms has exceeded my expectations. Through working with you these past months I believe we have struck the perfect balance of my taste and style with your great ideas and professionalism. I look forward to “our” continued success as we move through the house. It’s great to know I’m working with an extremely talented professional who I trust completely

- JOE GALLI | Portsmouth, NH

We wanted to bring in a Designer who we felt would be able to help us make this house our home for our future generations to enjoy. Randy Trainor was recommended to us by our builder. The first day we meet her, my husband and I both felt she was the right one. She was very easy to talk with, really listened to our ideas, and had some really great insight on things we never would have thought of on our own, which really took the project to the next level.

One of our biggest fears in beginning a project of this scale, was the fact that we lived out of state and over 150 miles away. So unfortunately we couldn’t be on site most of the time, although we wanted to know how things were progressing on a regular basis. Randy was our eyes and ears on this project. She understand what we wanted and expected, and was able to be our advocate on site. She really knew the pulse of the project and we were able to call her at any point, and she could fill us in on any and all of the details we needed clarification on.

Randy really worked well with all of the members of the team. From the lead architect and builder right down the line. She has a good understanding of how and what is involved in construction.

As in any project there are always a few issues that may arise, Randy really was our go to person so to say when we ran into a few of these. Not only was she able to bring them to our attention immediately, but she was also a step or two ahead of the team trying to figure out how we could resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising the integrity of the project or holding things up.

We have basically used Randy on all aspects of this project from helping choose tiles, countertops, picking and designing all of the furniture, designing bedding, designing window treatments, rugs, and Artwork. Randy has really been a one stop shop for us in so may ways. She made this project as seamless and easy as it could possibly be.

Randy was and still remains to be an integral part of our project. We couldn’t be happier with the results, and honestly are convinced the project would not have been as successful if we did not have Randy Trainor on our team!